We know that having a healthy body means also having a healthy life. So workout, exercise, do yoga or fitness or just relax in your everyday with our Yoga Pants.

Why choose our Yoga Pants? Well, read below, and decide for yourself if you want to give them a try:

Design: Our fashion designers after carefully studies have designed yoga pants that shape the body not only with by the perfect fit in your body, but also the visual effect. Did you know that darker colors make you appear slimmer and the body sculpted? They used that effect to create the design with two tonalities of the same color that makes you appear slimmer but also is a harmonious look for the eye. Our  Yoga Pants are carefully designed to create a more sculpted body shape.

Fit: The elastic material and design of our Yoga Pants fits perfectly every body shape. Just take a look at our Measurements Table to see which size fits you best. Our Yoga Pants do not Shrink.

Squat Proof: We know how annoying is to wear Yoga Pants that are see through during workout, yoga, or just in your leisure time. That is why we were super careful when creating these Yoga Pants. They are Squat Proof and non see-through.

Breathable: Did you know that we also breathe through our skin? We do. We also know the intensity of workouts and how your body during movements requires more oxygen even on the skin. So when we created these Yoga Pants we carefully selected the materials with the necessary breathable coefficient that not only helps to keep your skin healthy and in contact with air, but also are sweat proof by removing moisture from your body.

Anti-Bacterial: Did you know that our skin is a host to different ‘Good Bacteria’. In normal conditions these bacteria are friendly, but when moisture or sweat, temperature and oxygen contact of the skin changes, they become harmful and cause for different skin allergies or rushes. That is why we have chosen a very breathable fabric, fit for your everyday activity.

4 Way Stretchy: To fit your sport activities, even your everyday ones, you need Yoga Pants that are comfortable and that fit you perfectly. That is why our Yoga Pants are 4Way Stretchy. Feel free to move and workout freely.

Solid Colors: The quality fabrics we have used have intensive colors, that will not fade with time.

Machine Washable: These Yoga Pants are Machine Washable, Warm Temperature. Don’t Bleach. Don’t Dry.

We use what we sell: Did you know that we at OV have our Hour of Power, that we recharge with yoga. Our COO has chosen the Dark Grey Color, Our Executive Manager the Purple one, and our Marketing Director has chosen the Light Grey ones and the other girls of the staff the Dark Grey ones. At OV we are all females, so thumbs up to girls that want to be healthy and look cool too 😉

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Fabric: More than half of the cost of the bag is material cost. We have chosen the finest fabrics with the right elasticity for comfort and body fit: 86%Polyester/14%Spandex,86%Nylon/14%Spandex

100% Quality Guaranteed: Our Yoga Pants are very carefully tailored in every detail to give them a premium look and you the look that deserve.



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