This simple shift in my diet changed my whole energy levels for the day

Do you ever feel frustrated by just following a strict diet? Do you ever feel like it is just boring eating healthy food? Like you from time to time just want to indulge into a chocolate paradise ? Well if I tell you it is perfectly normal and go for it, it is healthy too… But (yes there is a but) just have to choose the right kind of sweets to indulge by not getting many calories and better yet, by getting a supply of nutrients that are healthy for our body. You will say I may have gone NUTZ, and maybe I have(or have always been a little like this 😉) Let me explain: Choose snacks that are Natural, have Dark Chocolate, that are with Dried Fruit and have Low percentage of Sugar! Here you go, a perfect combination of nutrients, antioxidants, low calories and energy boost. Try it out and let me know, are you Nutz about it? 😉💋

It all changed for me when I started to practice this. I felt I had a lot of energy during the day, usually I just sat at my desk and worked all day, moving slowly in the office, dragging myself. I had a sugar craving from time to time, but as a health conscious person I felt guilty to eat sugar. And the  tricky part was that the more I avoided sugar the less energy I had.  And that led to more sugar craving. I didn’t know that all the sugar craving was just my body crying for energy to burn.  Little did I know that having the right snack could change my energy levels.

After I made a careful research on what kind of food should I eat to have steady energy levels, I remained astonished of my discovery. All I had to eat was nuts, dark chocolate and the trick was done. I added in between meals snacks that contained nuts and dark chocolate. Let me tell you that besides the energy levels that increased immediately, I also enjoyed very much the snack. The sugar craving decreased, and I was happy to eat something that was healthy but also delicious, and above all guilt free. Besides that I later learned that the antioxidant levels, the vitamin E levels, of nuts, would help my skin and body. So yayy to those bonus benefits.

Let me give you a piece of advice, choose the right food to eat, and your body will thank you! Try it out and let me know, are you Nutz about it? 😉💋

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